Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks
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How to Extend the Life of Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks
Rubber tracks on a mini excavator would on average last about 1250 hours for rental fleet machines and would last longer for privately owned machines.
Wear cannot be avoided, so here are some tips to help you lengthen the lifetime of your rubber tracks:
  • New tracks have a “settling” period. How long this period is depends on several factors, such as application, machine model and operating techniques. Watch the tracks for the first couple of weeks for signs of break-in.
  • Select the narrowest tracks possible for your machine, as a wider than necessary track increases stress and loads on the idlers, rollers, and sprockets.
  • Proper track tension on rubber tracks ensures best performance, extends the life of the undercarriage, minimizing downtime and reducing wear on the track drive components. Periodically check the track tension as tracks that are not tensioned following the recommended tension specifications may cause accelerated wear of undercarriage components. For further information, read the chapter entlited
    How to Measure Rubber Track Tension”.
  • Daily maintenance is very important. Keep undercarriage clean and prevent packing of soil and debris in undercarriage components.
  • Change the work direction on the slope when possible to balance wear between each side of the undercarriage.
  • Shift the weight to the rear or the front of the machine when possible if you are working downhill or uphill, in order to help wear the links on the rubber tracks evenly.
  • Limit nonproductive, high-speed travel and reverse operation, because they accelerate wear on all undercarriage components.
  • Limit turning when possible or plan it to even out turns if possible. Constantly turning to one side will reduce the life of a track.
  • Try to reduce exposure to heat. Normal operating temperature range is between -25 to +55c. If necessary, reduce speed under extreme temperatures.
  • Bear in mind that working in severe applications such as demolition, quarry, or scrap, where the undercarriage is exposed to sharp, ragged edges can significantly impact track and undercarriage component life.
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