Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks
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How to Measure Mini Excavator Rubber Track Tension
To make sure that your tracks are correctly tensioned, measure the amount of deflection in the track with the weight applied, that is the amount of track sag between the first carrier roller and the idler.
If needed, adjust the track within the specified range of deflection using the instructions found in the manuals supplied with the machine.
Too much sag in the tracks means that in soft ground or under extreme forwars/backwards and or pivot movements that your vehicle will throw a track, which is extremely damaging.
Too much tension though can add stress to the driveshafts on the drive sprockets, which then can cause oil leaks on the transmission and extreme one sided wear on bearings.
How to Measure Mini Excavator Rubber Track Tension
Always refer to the Manufacturer's manual for specific information abour correct track sag for your machine. Generally, correct track sag for smaller mini excavators should be about 2,5cm, while correct tension on larger rubber track machines should be about 5 cm.
To adjust track tension, follow these steps:
  1. Move the machine forward
  2. Let the machine coast to a stop without using the brakes
  3. Centre the track pin over the carrier roller
  4. Put a straight edge over the track
  5. Measure the sag at the lowest point
For further information, please refer to the Manufacturer's manual of your machine.
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