Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks
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How are Rubber Tracks Made
Our rubber tracks are made of a tear-resistant rubber compound, a mix of natural and synthetic rubbers. This blend offers a smother ride, more flexibility and floatation, minimizing noise and vibration on harder surfaces. In swampy land soil does not adhere to the track thanks to the thick lugs.
How are Rubber Tracks Made
Inside the rubber tracks there is a forged steel core, which is dipped and completely coated with a rubber adhesive compound and thick internal steel cables that contribute to strengthen the rubber track. There are two types of rubber tracks. the continuous steel belted, which means the steel belt inside the rubber is a circle and does not have a splice and the non continuous steel belted.
Advantages of Rubber Tracks:
  • Less damage to the ground.
  • Low vibration and noise which results in extended machinery life.
  • Low down force which results in excellent driving performance on.
  • Machine weight reduction which results in a greater top speed.
  • Superior operation capabilities: more traction, more maneuverability at both low and high speeds, as well as superior towing capabilities.
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